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Rama visits Kosovo

Rama visits Kosovo

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ne: 29-11-2011, 00:38:27
The Socialist leader Edi Rama visited Prishtina on the verge of the Independence Day. He was attended by the Kosovo Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, to whom he conveyed the message that the Albanian politics is united for Kosovo.

“Kosovo is one of the unification points for the entire political class in Albania. We are all one and there is no distinction between the government and the opposition regarding Kosovo’s road to EU and the road of a united Albanian nation towards Europe”, Rama declared.

“The opposition is also playing an important role for the cooperation between the two countries. This visit is on the verge of the November holidays, the Independence Day and the day of Adem Jashari, which joins us together. I congratulate all Albanians for these celebrations”, Thaci declared.

The Socialist leader presented to the Kosovo Prime Minister the new program of the party, in which is included a proposition for the unification of the education system in Albania and Kosovo.

“I had the pleasure to give a copy of our new program to the Prime Minister of Kosovo. One of our important ideas in this program is the unified education system between the two countries”, Rama specified.

Thaci congratulated Rama for his book, and then Rama’s visit continued with the promotion of “Kurban” at the Historical Museum. /top channel

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