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    Albania, coastline 362 km, with geographic coordinates: 41N, 20E, with 28.748 km2 (11.100 sq miles), with population of 3.260.000 and density of 113.4 population/km2 is wild and mountainous, with extensive forests, sandy beaches and many beautiful lakes. It shares borders with Montenegro and Kosovo to the north, with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to
    to the northeast and Greece to the south.

    To the west lie the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.
    Tourism development in Albania becomes possible for several rasons:

    a) Very favourable geographic position.
    b) Very favourable and healthy climate.
    On the average, there are 120 days yearly characterized by temperatures higher than 20 C and about 120 sunny days. Albania ranks second in Europe, that is after Spain, for sunny duration within a day.
    c) Long stretches of diversified beaches
    d) Un spoilt environment. The Albanian nature and ecology provide the possibility for the development of all kinds of tourism, green, white and entertainment tourism. Proceeding from this, it has been judged that this nature provides the possibility for the development of medium, high and elite tourism and facilities.



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    By Air:
    The civil airport of the country is in Tirana. (25 km, far away from the city of Tirana). Air Companies serving the country from all the world are as follow:
    The airport ensures bus services from Rinas to Tirana and taxi services from Rinas to all destinations. Other private taxi and bus services are available, as well.

     By Sea:
    The main ports of the country served by regular scheduled Sea Lines are the following:
    Durres served with connection from Bari, Trieste, Ancona and Brindisi (Italy)
    Vlora served with connection from Otranto and Brindisi (Italy)
    Saranda served with connection from Corfou (Greece).
    Realized by regular Sea Lines of the following Companies:

    By Land:
    You may enter Albania by land at 11 border crossing points from the neighboring states:
    Border Point  MONTENEGRO:  
        - Hani i Hotit - Shkodra  
    Border Point  KOSOVO:  
        - Qafe Prush - Tropoja
        - Qafe Morine - Kukes
    Border Point  MACEDONIA:
        - Bllata - Peshkopi  
        - Qafe Thane - Pogradec  
        - Tushemisht - Pogradec,  
    Border Point  GREECE  
        - Kapshtice - Korca  
        - Kakavija - Gjirokaster

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    Passports: A valid passport is required to enter in Albania. Identity cards are not accepted.
    Visas: By a Decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic, the citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter in Albania:
    E.C. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland , Italy, Luxembur, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,United Kingom, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus
    EFTA Countries : Norway and Switzerland
    OTHER : U.S.A., Canada, Turkey, Israel, Japan, South Korea, San Marino, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Croatia, Malysia Bulgaria,Romania.
    The citizens of other countries may obtain visa at any entry point by payment : Saudi Arabia, FYR Macedonia, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and United Arab Emirates.
    The citizens of other countries are required to obtain visas in the embassies of the Republic of Albania or Albanian Consulates in their respective or neighbouring countries.
    During the summer tourist season, between 1 of June until 30 of September , the Albanian Government provides the following incentives.
    All foreign citizens of albanian nationality can enter in Albania without visa. In such a case identity cards are accepted as valid. Do not need visa for this period of time the citizens from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia- Herzegovina.

    Customs: All personal items, new or old may be taken in Albania without incurring custom duties. A reasonable amount of tobacco , beverages and perfumes for personal use is allowed.
    Prohibited items: Firearms, ammunition, narcotics, drugs and goods jeopardizing the observance of public order and social security.
    Special exports permits are required for precious metals, ancient coins and scroll, antiques, books and works of art , which are considered to be part of national culture and heritage.

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    Albania has been inhabited since the ancient times. (100 thousand years ago). With the passage to the third millennium B.C., due to Indo-European invasions and assimilation with the local population, it was created a population with general cultural and linguistic features for the whole of the Balkan Peninsula (Pellazgs). It is claimed that their descendants are the Illyrians, Greeks, Thracians and even the Turks.

    The Illyrians spread over the Western part of the Balkan Peninsula, from Sava and Danub Rivers in the North and Sava and Vardar River in the East. The most outstanding Illyrian tribes have been : Mollose, Dardans, Desares, Ardians, Taulants, Liburnes, Enkeleas. The socio-economic development found its reflection in the emergence of the Illyrian cities such as Scutari (Shkodra), Lissus (Lezha), Amantia, Antipatria (Berat), Albanopoli (Zgerdhesh), Antigonea, Tronioni, Belsh, etc (IV-II centuries BC).

    In the coastline, there were set up such cities as Buthrot (Butrint), Apollonia, Dyrrah (Durres), Orikum ect.(VII-VI centuries BC).  The Illyrians resisted to the Roman occupation by preserving their own language, culture and customs.  When the Roman Empire was split into two parts, Illyria remained in the Byzantine Empire.

    The country's name "Arberi" is testified as early back as the second century by Greek geographer Ptolemeu. The later for Albania has served as a basis for the different names applied to the country at present. Arbers had their common language, culture and territory. Arberi was transformed into an arena of wars between the armies of southern Italy and Byzantium. The coast of Arberia became the first settlements of the crusaders of the first crusade.

    The first mediaeval Albanian state, having Kruja as its Capital failed to resist the foreign Byzantine and Serbian occupations. After the collapse of the Serbian Empire (1355), a number of Albanian feudal principalities were set up.

    The ottoman feudal regime was established in the greater part of the country in the years 1419-1421. The Albanian resistance reached its climax with the 25 year long war (1443-1468), led by Gjergj-Kastrioti-Scanderbeg.

    The efforts of the Albanian people for freedom and the proclamation of the independent state reached their climax during the period of National Renaissance. This period crowned the proclamation of the independence in 1912.

    In the course of the First World War, Albania was transformed into a battlefield; the country was occupied by the Italian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Greek, French and Austro-Hungarian armies.

    The Albanian Republic, with President Ahmet Zogu, was proclaimed on January 21, 1925; while 3 years later the Republic  was transformed into a Monarchy and, Ahmet Zogu declared himself a king.

    During the Second World War, Albania suffered great losses. The country won freedom and independence. The communist regime was established in Albania.

    For half a century, Albania, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean shores, remained a prohibited land for the foreign visitors.

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    #5 ne: 24-11-2007, 09:18:34
    hello!im from Georgia,and  i want  to come  to Tirana  for  business.im representer of pharmaceutical company.in our country we havent embassy of Albania.how can i come there,may be you advise me or help me. my e-mail is  shakhverdiev@rambler.ru

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    #6 ne: 24-11-2007, 13:18:34
    Maybe through Russia, in Moscow.

    Republic of Albania Embassy/High Comission/Consulate For Russia
    Office   :   Embassy
    Street Address   :   Ulica Mytnaja, dom 3, kvartira 8
    Postal Address   :   
    ZIP Code   :   119049
    City   :   Moscow
    State   :   Moscow
    Country   :   Russia
    Phone   :   (+7-95) 2307732
    Fax   :   (+7-95) 2307635
    Email   :   embassy@ent.ru
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    #7 ne: 14-12-2007, 16:02:00
    Hi, I live in cairo Egypt and I will like to come to Albania this New year. I was asked to provide an invitation letter from Albania. And I dont know how to go about that. can you please advise me how to obtain invitation letter from albania. THANKS

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    #8 ne: 15-12-2007, 01:20:46
    You don't need any invitation letter or something like this. Just go there :)
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    #9 ne: 15-12-2007, 14:08:40
    No I have been to the embassy of Albania in Cairo Egypt and they said I should provide letter of invitation from any company or individual in Albania.

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    #10 ne: 16-12-2007, 11:30:56
    Hmmm, than try to find and contact albanian students in Cairo, someone might help you!