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01-06-2007, 17:50:25

No life till lather :P

A message from James M. Kilts, the CEO and President of The Gillette Company. Mind you, there's proliferate use of some certain 4-letter words, but it's otherwise funny as hell:http://...

18-04-2007, 16:36:12

Virginia Tech Campus Massacre

I don't know if anyone else has been watching the news lately, but,,, etc. are covered with pictures and stories about the mass killer CHo Seung-Hui who killed 32 students and faculty, and himself after that.The whole collegiate world of the USA is putting their hea...
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09-03-2007, 03:14:27

New shipping service from US to Albania

Hello everyone. Ship To Albania is a new service which will start operating soon and will give the Albanian community in US a choice when shipping stuff to Albania. Visit www.shiptoalbania.c

22-01-2007, 18:45:16

What does it take to make you Angry, etc?!

What does it take to make you Angry?! Mad?! Agitated?! Frustrated?! Sad?! And WHYYYY?!
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20-01-2007, 09:23:24

Recognize independent state of Kosova

The journey to independence for Kosova’s people has been difficultand full of sacrifices. In the decade of crisis, the people of Kosovafaced brutal oppression on the scale of genocide, but remained resolutetomake its dream for freedom, independence and democracy come true.Thanks to the military ...
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17-01-2007, 16:42:14

Putin Promised Russian Veto of Kosove Indpenedence

Europe NewsPutin promised Russian veto of Kosovo independence: reportBy DPAJan 16, 2007, 14:00 GMTBelgrade/Moscow - Russia will block the expected move towards independence for Serbia's breakaway province Kosovo, Belgrade newspapers reported Tuesday.Reports quoting a Serbian government statement...
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Pergjigje nga: Lisa, yakupicik

Good advice...Poems

24-05-2006, 21:36:28
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07-05-2006, 15:14:04

101 ways to annoy people

1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly. 2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage." 3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go." 4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..." 5. If you have ...
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