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Presidents: EU Is Sole Solution For Balkans

Presidents: EU Is Sole Solution For Balkans

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ne: 12-11-2008, 23:32:52
President of Croatian Stjepan Mesic, who is staying in Warsaw to mark the 90 th anniversary of the modern Polish state, talked with Nebojsa Radmanovc, the presiding of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency, on the situation in the region, European opportunities of individual region countries and bilateral relations between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the delegation informs.

In a long and highly open conversation, as it was said, both parties agreed, despite noticeable differences in views of certain issues, that the European Union was the sole solution for all countries of the so-called Western Balkans.

President Mesic especially pointed out the need to break even the smallest doubts on the need to sustain a unique Bosnia-Herzegovina, while Radmanovic warned of the need to overcome problems BH is faced with, as a country and as society, with the help of region countries and the EU.

The two heads concluded that bilateral elations needed to be stimulated and a sitting of the inter-state council should be held in the near future.

In addition, the need to intensify co-operation of region countries was stresses, when it comes to organised crime and the mafia.

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