Top 20jobs in UK that pay £20-£25ph

Top 20jobs in UK that pay £20-£25ph

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ne: 20-04-2009, 09:09:51
Paul MacKenzie-Culummins for CareerBuilder.co.uk

Many of us have taken a part-time job that paid £5 or so an hour whilst still at school or college, and probably never gave any thought as to how much this worked out to be on an annual basis. But according to a recent survey by AllTheTopBananas.co m, the average salary in the UK is currently £20 per hour -- the equivalent of £31,969 a year.

Here is a list of jobs across various industries where you can earn between £20 and £25 per hour with each job role currently in demand and predicted to experience future job growth over the coming years.

1. Business Analyst (IT)
Average salary: £34,000-36,000
Job description: Identifies business or customer requirements from an IT perspective, develops and implements programmes to fulfil project requirements.
Entry requirements: Degree in a computing and/or business related discipline.

2. Chartered Accountant

Average earnings: £31,749 per annum
Job description: Analyses financial information and prepares financial reports to determine or maintain record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organization.
Entry requirements: Degree -- preferably in business, economics, mathematics or law-related followed by completing the Chartered Institute of Taxation's Chartered Tax Account exams.

3. Solicitor

Average salary: £34,045 per annum
Job description: Represents clients in criminal, civil litigation and other legal proceedings. Draws up legal documents and advises clients on legal transactions.
Entry requirements: Degree.

4. Marketing Manager

Average salary: £36,497
Job description: Plan and direct advertising and marketing campaigns to increase the sales of a product or service.
Entry requirements: Degree -- preferably in a business or marketing discipline, followed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate professional qualifications.

5. Public Relations Manager

Average salary: £33,768
Job description: Responsible for managing, developing and raising the profile and reputation of an organisation or individual to stakeholders or the general public.
Entry requirements: Degree is preferred but not essential. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a pre-requisite and the ability to respond positively in a crisis.

6. Sales Manager

Average salary: £33,593
Job description: Plans and implements strategies to maximise the sales of a product or service. Ensures that targets are met on time and within budget.
Entry requirements: Promotion to manager level typically follows time spent on the shop floor as a telephone or field sales person. However, some organisations offer fast-track promotion for graduates.

7. Associate College Lecturers

Average salary: £33,000-35,000
Job description: Employed on a freelance basis, lecturers can be hired by more than one university or college for their expertise in a particular field.
Entry requirements: Most Associates are degree holders, however, many are hired for their extensive experience and working knowledge within a given subject area.

8. Architectural Assistant

Average salary: £33,000
Job description: Helps with the preparation of planning drawings for the senior architect.
Entry requirements: Previous exposure to planning applications and have a good knowledge of the UK Building Regulations, Microstation literate and ideally have freehand and knowledge of the Sketch Up programme.

9. Web Developer

Average salary: £30,000-33,000

Job description: Design, build and implement software programmes to be used via the internet.
Entry requirements: Experience of HTML, DHTML and CSS, and also of writing web-based user interfaces for database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server and IIS

10. Quantity Surveyor

Average salary: £34,000-35,000
Job description: Manages all costs relating to building projects with the aim of maximise the value of a property whilst ensuring that the property meets statutory building regulations.
Entry requirements: HND/HNC or a degree in a construction or engineering related subject will enhance your chances.

11. Tax Advisor

Average salary: £33,000-38,000
Job description: Responsible for preparing tax returns for both individuals and partnerships and advisory to include all aspects of tax planning to minimise income tax and capital gains tax liabilities.
Entry requirements: Degree in a finance-related discipline along with being ATT qualified and keen to study towards the CTA.

12. AutoCAD Technician

Average salary: £34,400
Job description: Responsible for the production of high quality drawings and details for all types of building structures projects
Entry requirements: HND in addition to 3 or more years of experience.

13. Senior Auditor

Average salary: £30-35,000
Job description: Assesses and reports on the potential risk factors affecting a business.
Entry requirements: Degree qualified, an understanding of FSA regulation coupled with ACA or ACCA professional qualifications.

14. Procurement Manager

Average salary: £32-35,000
Job description: Ensures the best value in the provision of goods and services through the development of strategic procurement policies and the effective management of a co-ordinated purchasing and supply service.
Entry requirements: Relevant business or CIPS qualification.

15. Management Accountant

Average salary: £30,000-35,000
Job description: Provides an effective cost and management accounting and information service to ensure that accurate and timely accounting information is provided.
Entry requirements: Graduate calibre plus professional accountancy qualification such as ACCA or CIMA.

16. Surveyor

Average salary: £30,000-35,000
Job description: Responsible for the financial accounting and project managements of a development from start to finish, procurement of materials and labour, valuations, and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.
Entry requirements: Typically a minimum of three years of experience and proven management expertise.

17. Learning and Development Manager

Average salary: £30,000-35,000
Job description: Responsible for developing staff into potential managers through skills and knowledge training.
Entry requirements: Graduate calibre, preferably CIPD qualified.

18. Health and Safety Advisor

Average salary: £33,000-35,000
Job description: Advises the company in all matters relating to Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental issues and legislation.
Entry requirements: Experience of auditing to comply with British Standards (BS) plus Heath and Safety qualifications up to Diploma level with practical experience working across a whole range of disciplines.

19. Marketing Finance Analyst

Average salary: £33,000-38,000
Job description: Provides timely and accurate management information that will enable senior management to develop and execute effective plans and make informed business decisions.
Entry requirements: Degree coupled with being at least part-qualified in CIMA or ACCA.

20. Human Resources Manager

Average salary: £33,000-36,000
Job description: Responsible for an organisation's candidate attraction and retention procedures, the implementation and adherence of employment legislation.
Entry requirements: Usually at least three years of experience along with relevant CIPD qualifications.

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