What are your favourite movies?

What are your favourite movies?

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ne: 27-04-2006, 15:28:52
Ok, i thought asking this just to see if guys and girls have similar taste in movies: comedies or drama, everyday life stories or science fiction, english or other language movies, etc.

You can tell more than one movie.

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#1 ne: 27-04-2006, 15:34:37
I'm starting first...oh, where to start from? I got so many movies i love. I like Tim Burton movies. Also vampire movies, dark ages etc. Also love stories, rarely comedies. I don't like cops movies, or thief movies or aeroplane highjake movies (it's always the same story)
So, i guess my favourites are:

*Interview with a Vampire
*Queen of the Damned
*Big Fish
*Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
*Sweet November

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#2 ne: 20-06-2006, 12:24:08
"Man on Fire".Absolutely the best movie ever.

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#3 ne: 22-06-2006, 08:35:13
My favourite movie is Ms&Msr Smith

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#4 ne: 22-06-2006, 08:52:17
i thing:

exit wounds
back to the future
forest gump

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#5 ne: 29-06-2006, 14:19:07
I went to see two movies the other day and they were absolutely THE BEST!!!

*Click* was HILARIOUS!!!!!

*Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift* was .......... uuhhh.......AMAZING!! :-[

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Vogelushja Korcare
#6 ne: 22-07-2006, 23:14:48
Love stories  :D :-[ :-[

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#7 ne: 20-01-2007, 08:23:57
My Favorite American Movies are:

"6th Sense"
"Wedding Crashers"
"The Notebook"
"Pretty Woman"
"Marie Antoinette"
"The Forgotten"
"Autumn in New York"
"American Beauty"
"A Beautiful Mind"
"Lost in Translation"
"Sweet November".

There is a lot more that I haven't seen from the last 506 years that I am dying to see so of course I will be adding to this list. ;)