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A Deviant Belief

A Deviant Belief

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ne: 17-03-2006, 15:48:49
 Khutbah No.
 A Deviant Belief
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 Secondary Topic
 Religions & Sects
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 Khateeb's No.
 Abdul Muhsin Al Qaadhie
 Khateeb's Name
Nasim Chowdhury
 Edited By
 Hazem Ragab
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عقيدة ضالة



1)     Christian belief is deviant and contradicts basic facts.

2)     The history of Christians with Muslims is a dark one.

3)     Examples of their missionary work, and their war against Muslims.

4)     Christian's enmity is based on their faith and it will continue through time.

5)     Support and loyalty should be to Muslims, and disloyalty to none Muslims.

6)     A basic fundamental fact from Islaam.


First Khutbah

O People fear Allah and repent to him. Servants of Allah the brain is a favor and a bounty, which Allah bestowed upon humankind to differentiate between good and evil, and truth and falsehood, with the brain, humankind is distinguished from the animals.

In many places in the book of Allah comes the mention of the brain as Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says which translates as: "…Indeed in this are signs for those who have understanding" (Aal-Imran: 190). So, the people of understanding are requested by Allah in the Quran to understand what is meant by the verses. If the human being neglects the brain and leaves it for the diversion and the misguidance of ignorance this will lead the brain to believe in nonsense superstitions and to have destructive thoughts. From the darkness of superstitions and myth, distorted religions are started.

Our talk today is about one of these distorted religions. About a devious belief, a popular, and widespread misguidance. It is a belief of those whose efforts are lost in the worldly life while they think that they are doing well in work.

It is Christianity, this false belief and its adherents are the people whom Allah Azza Wa Jall described in Suratul Fatiha (the foundation of the book) as those who are astray and misguided.

We will start and think about their belief and ponder upon their history that is filled with hatred, spitefulness, and wars against Islam and Muslims.

In this distorted religion that is adopted by many people in the world, we see how a Christians are diverted and far astray, when they speak of the principle of the trinity or the Lord as the father, Issa Alaihi Sallam as the son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they claim three in one God.

When you research this claim that is supposed to be in their ancient books and beliefs, it is not found. In examining their belief about the prophet Issa, Alaihi Salatu Wa Salam you, see that they see him as the son of Allah. Exalted is Allah and high above what they say by great sublimity.

Christians are those who claim that Issa Alaihi Salatu Wa Sallam was crucified on the cross and his hands were nailed and he was crying aloud when he was crucified on the cross. "O My Lord why did you betray me?" This happened, they claim as a sacrifice for the sins of the son of Adam.

Allah says which translates as: "O People of the scripture do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth"(An-Nisa': 171). The messiah Issa, the son of Mary was but a messenger of Allah and his word, which he directed to Mary. So, believe in Allah and his messenger, and do not say three. Allah says which translates as: "Woe, to them for what their hands have written, woe to them, for what they have earned" (Al-Baqarah: 79).

Myth and superstitions differed in Christianity in order for the Church to have different methods and ways to play around with peoples minds, like the distributions of indulgences, where they would forgive sins and grant paradise, thus people were driven out of the Church by the priest.

Christianity gives birth to all superstitions and deviations. Deviations, which Allah mentioned His Book. He says which translates as: "They have certainly disbelieved those who say, Allah is the messiah, the son of Mary, while the messiah had said:" O Children of Israel worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord indeed he who associates others with Allah, Allah has forbidden him paradise, and his refuge is the fire and there are not for the wrong doers any helpers"(Al-Ma'idah: 72).

These are some of the corrupt beliefs of these people, and the Qur'an   answers and refutes their corrupt beliefs, calling them disbelievers while some Muslims refrain and abstain from calling them that.

Christianity became a myth that attacked the Prophecy of Issa the son of Maryam Alaihi Sallam, changed it, and made its day-night and its peace-distress. They made unity association in the belief of the trinity, regressed, deteriorated humankind, and made his concern and his motives attached to communion and blind puzzling beliefs.

With this great deviation you still see many of the Muslims whom Allah blessed with this most honorable and exalted religion, and blessed them with knowledge, yet he does not know about Christianity except for their slogans of love, and sincerity, forgiveness, and sacrificing their live to serve the needy and other distorted slogans. They announce principles from their book and their radio stations. These are the same principles that Islam approves and commands to, without distortion.

After which there are some misguided people wanting to establish the idea of bringing all religions together as though the differences are minor and can disappear by holding meetings that have political agendas.

Brothers in religion and faith, this is the situation of Christianity and Muslims have lived with it - periods of enmity throughout the history. From the time Islam started, Christians initiated war against Islam and the Muslims.

Allah said they would not accept Islam as He says in the Qur'an, which translates as: "And never will the Jews and the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion"(Al-Baqarah: 120).

The Christian enmity against Islam started from the first day when the king Ghassan the Christian, fought the messenger of Allah (Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) and sent two hundred thousand fighters to Muta'a to face three thousand of the companions of the messenger (Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam). In the battle of Yarmouk the Christians came to fight the Muslims with a force of two hundred and forty thousand fighters carrying the cross, led by their priests and monks, but Allah subjugated them and the Romans were expelled from Syria and Egypt.

Through all of this, the Muslims treated them according to Islamic rules. They war hostages were not killed, they were not tortured, and residents of cities were not harmed. Rather they each person was granted his right as per the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), so much so that many of them accepted Islam.

The hate and spitefulness of the Christians translated into preparing the crusade to fight Islam on its own ground. They called it the crusade, sacred war under the supervision of their priests and they committed all atrocities in the countries that they entered. They killed in Mu'arat Annu'aman for example more that one hundred thousand Muslims, and then their troops went to Jerusalem with the support and help of the Christians from Syria, with a force of a thousand fighters. They entered Jerusalem after they gave guarantees to its people not to harm them. They then entered and killed them for three continuous days. They killed more than seventy thousand Muslims to the extent that their horses was stepping into blood and dead bodies in Jerusalem. They remained in Jerusalem nine years until the Muslim the leader Salahuddeen forced them out.

In Spain, it was a sad and bloody incident. When the Christians took control over Ghoornata'a the last fortress of the Muslims in Spain. They committed every atrocity after they gave guarantees and promises, and they did not respect the sanctity of anything.

They established search courts for Muslims. Its duty was to search for Muslims and to force them to apostatize, change their names and customs until they were able to wipe out the existence of Muslims in these countries except for some left over ruins. Then the crusades started again but in a different shape. It took the shape of Colonists and Imperialists.

They stole the resources under the banner and cover of guardianship and organization of the country. They took control of the Muslim countries that suffered from the fire of wars. Wars that was well planned with very evil intentions. Wars of faith initiated out of hatred, hatred against Islam, and its people. It is an old bond between the contemporary Christians and the old ones, the actions of their leaders testify to that. Under the name of the war between the crescent and the cross, the Christians in the Muslim countries, East, West, North, and South started killing innocent people, like what happened in Bosnia and Kosovo, under the claim of ethnic cleansing. In part of the Philippines, they eradicated them and displaced them. In Eritrea, through the Christian Organizations that are attached and established by the Church, they spread their religion by any means, by use of money, taking advantage of the weakness of the Muslims hunger and their affliction with diseases. In exchange for food, medicine and clothes they encouraged them to leave their religion.

It is the aid from the Christians on one hand and on the other hand, the cross, which in the course of time has made the Muslims heedless and unaware of what, is being planned and plotted against them. They were deceived by the materialistic progress of their civilization. The plans of the Christians spread by they utilizing their financial institutions, media and social institutions to corrupt the Muslim communities and to wage a ruthless war against the religion of Islam and the Muslims and their morals.

By spreading distorted information about Islam and calling it fundamentalism and terrorism, this war had a great effect on the spirit of Muslims and their communities. The Christians are loyal and supportive to all enemies of Muslims, to anyone who wages war against Muslims, or captures their land. As Allah says which translates as: "And the disbeliveers are supporters and allies of one another…"(Al-Anfal: 73).

They have become dominant, arrogant and presumptuous over the Muslim issues with their deception, and under the name of finding solutions, resolving problems, fighting extremism, radicalism and establishing peace - the truth was lost and false hood was established, and the Muslim issues were betrayed. The terrorism of those who were fighting Muslims became peace and organization. The continuous siege of the Muslim countries, starving their children became an act of discipline, and a punishment with no reversal.

Brothers in Islam, Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says which translates as: "O You who have believe do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies, they are infect allies of one another. And whoever is an allies to them among you, then indeed he is of them indeed Allah guides not the wrong doing people"(Al-Ma'ida: 51).

O You who have believed in Allah and his messenger, the heart of the Christians by which they hated us, are still in their chests. The weapons by which they fought us are still in their hands. The hatred and spitefulness that blinded them the day they came as Colonists and invaders is still boiling in their chests. Their enmity against the Muslims is deep in their chests.

We must know my brothers in Islam that, with Islam, we are strong, we have our honor, and without it, we are humiliated and an easy victim to any attacker. The might and honor of this nation and the glory of the people of the truth cannot be accomplished, and will not be established until and unless we hold on to this religion with strong belief, faith and practice, truly, sincerely and justly. Accepting what is lawful as lawful and what is prohibited as prohibited. Steadfast in our positions, strong in our loyalty and not be shaken by threats or temptations. Whoever accepts this life or feels burdened from bearing hardships and did not honor his religion, then he will never accomplished glory and distinction, nor can he preserve rights.

We ask Allah to guide us to the right path. The path of those upon whom He has bestowed His favor and not of those who have evoked His anger or of those who are astray.




Second Khutba

Servants of Allah fear Allah. Brothers in faith, when we speak about Christians, we clarify by this, their faith, and belief that led them to deviate, we clarify their misguidance and their superstitions and myths. We present and expose the reality of their enmity through the history and throughout time. By this, we warn of them and strengthen the sense of loyalty and support between the Muslims. This great principle that is lost in the heart of many Muslims, to the extent that you see some of them loving, caring, and being close to the Christians and other disbelievers. They weep and ask for mercy when one of them dies.

Some Muslims are fond of some of their immoral stars and feel sympathetic when they are afflicted with hardship. Are they heedless and unaware that they hate Muslims and are the enemies of Islam?

As Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says which translates as: "O You who have believed do not take My enemies and your enemies as allies, extending to them affection while they have disbelieved in what came to you of the truth…"(Al-Mumtahinah: 1).

When will the loyalty to Muslims, and hatred to disbeliveers be strengthened, and the hearts of Muslims not be inclined towards them - Christians or others, and not trust them, and take them as allies.

We ask Allah to make Islam and Muslims honored and to humiliate falsehood and its people.



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