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Obilić (Albanian: Obiliq or Kastriot; Serbian: Обилић, Obilić) is a town and municipality in central Kosovo[a], belonging to the Pristina district. The municipality includes the town of Obilić and 19 villages, with a total population of approximately 21,548.[1]
The municipality is located immediately north-west of Pristina on the main road to Kosovska Mitrovica. It was created in 1989, prior to which it formed part of Pristina municipality.

The name for the town, Obilić, refers to Miloš Obilić who is regarded as a Serbian hero of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo, during which he killed the Ottoman Sultan Murad I.
An Albanian version for the name for the town was produced in 2001, Kastriot, refers to George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, the national hero of the Albanian people, who lived during the time period of the Second Battle of Kosovo (1448). Skanderbeg was supposed to join the Hungarian-led Catholic coalition under John Hunyadi, but failed to appear on the battlefield.

In 2011, the municipality had a population of 21,548. As of 2008 the municipality has a population of approximately 19,500. The majority -some 15,000- are Kosovo Albanian; the minorities include some 2,200 Kosovo Serbs, 350 Roma, 300 Ashkali, 70 Bosnian Serbs and others. Wikipedia