Zombies As American Zeitgeist Proxies - Tech News

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Zombies As American Zeitgeist Proxies

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Zombies As American Zeitgeist Proxies

Vizitor · 1 · 294
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    ne: 01-11-2009, 00:50:05
    Zombies As American Zeitgeist Proxies

    blackbearnh writes "No doubt, there will be more than a few brain-munching glassy-eyed zombies showing up on the typical doorstep tonight, demanding brains, brains, brains, or at least some Milk Duds. But according to this essay over on Forbes.com, zombies are more than just the trendy monster on the block, they are to Americans what Godzilla is to Japanese: a personification of our fear of science and technology. 'It seems you can't throw a half-eaten cerebrum these days without hitting a posse of zombies brought to life by some kind of biological mishap (28 Days Later, Resident Evil, Planet Terror, Quarantine). Like Godzilla, zombies keep up with the times, always ready to mirror whatever aspect of science and technology people feel most uncertain about at the moment.'"Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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